Computer Stuff

    I didn’t really grow up using computers.  My dad bought a Mac so he could do work, and eventually he got my mom a mac so that she could do work too.  The extent of my early computer using was playing with KidPix, and writing papers.  These were OLD Macs.  They were still usin
g the Motorola Processors.  My dad eventually bought a normal PC, and ran RedHat Linux on it.  My first computer was a Biostar with RedHat 6.  I installed Windows 98 so that I could play games.  I bought two more IBM PCs, but not together.  They were both so that I could play games.  I eventually stopped, because computer games become boring.  After that, my PC ran Fedora Linux.  Now I have a MacBook, and it is so much better than anything else I have ever used.

    At my high school I took some computer programming classes.  I gue
ss I was pretty good, but we only ever covered web programming, Visual BASIC .NET and Java.  VB.NET is so horrible.  I remember that once we had a test and, Visual Studio crashed on me about 5 or 6 times.  I was even forced to reboot the computer.  Java is OK, but very slow and memory hungry.

    The website I go to for most computer and technology related discussion is Dream in Code.  Most of the users are helpful, and will answer your questions in a moderately serious manner.